Into Antiquity (Book 2)
Into Antiquity (Book 2)

Everyone Has Their Stories

Half a decade has passed since the ArcNosian Civil War. Nations have been rebuilt. Peace has been restored. And The Avatars of Fate have been deathly silent.

No sooner are Sinkua and Eytea called back to ArcNos than the gears are turning again. Money is vanishing from ArcNos. Scandals threaten the new power structure. Sinkua ends up at the center of a debacle that threatens Galo’s sovereignty.

Old allies and new faces emerge as an anti-Avatar force called The Coalition. They’ve worked in secret for decades, but the time has come for their disclosure...because two of them have their necks in The Avatars’ nooses.

Nikasu, the girl in the lab and a fifth Hybrid, needs to be rescued. A dichotomous man’s very nature hinges on Vielle’s decisions. Everyone is forced to reassess what they know about The Avatars, the Hybrids, and the foggily defined Epimetheus Trial.

Suppressed memories and existential quandaries bring many to confront their past before they can face the future. And The Avatars’ divide-and-conquer tactics threaten far more than alliances and friendships.

Their campaign of chaos only begins in The Northlands.

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Into Antiquity



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  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult

After relieving Imperial ArcNos from the clutches of the Avatars of Fate, the Hybrids and their friends now feel the weight of five years of secure jobs and building families. When the Avatars of Fate start making moves again, the Hybrids are forced to forsake their jobs in order to once again help their country defend itself.

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