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Genre - Fantasy
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Akarnae is the story of sixteen-year-old Alexandra Jennings as she goes away to a boarding school while her parents are away for the school year on an important work assignment. As nervous Alex arrives at her school, she is given a very rude welcome, and immediately wishes to be somewhere – anywhere – else. Shortly after, Alex finds herself in the land of Medora, magically transported there when she walked through a door in her boarding school. Alex decides to attend the academy there, Akarnae, while she waits for the headmaster of the school to return so he can help her return to her world. But soon, Alex finds friendships with two other students at the academy, Jordan and Bear. Jordan and Bear are true friends to Alex and help her through some sticky situations at the academy. Alex’s hard weeks of struggling through schoolwork at the academy turn into adventures, and when Alex meets Aven, a mysterious (yet strangely attractive) graduated student, she quickly becomes more and more suspicious of what is really going on at the academy. What is with the lockdowns, the huge library, and Alex’s moody roommate, D.C? You’ll just have to read the book to find out for yourself. 


I really loved this book, especially the characters. All of them were unique, and I really liked learning about all of them, their personalities and backstories. Jordan and Bear were very entertaining characters, always there for Alex and ready to take care of her when she got into trouble. Alex herself was also very entertaining and a strong and likeable female lead. And even though at first Alex’s roommate, D.C, was not so likeable, once I got deeper into the book I truly was able to find a love for D.C’s sparky personality. There was a wonderful sort of elegance in the telling of this story, especially in the descriptions of the world of Medora itself. It was really great to be able to escape into Medora whenever I opened this book, and I definitely would recommend reading it if you’re looking for an entertaining summer read. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book and jump back into Medora with Alexandra Jennings! 

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There is an element of violence in this book, including lots of blood and wounds. Alex also finds herself feeling attracted to Aven and some of the other male characters (though nothing ever really happens between her and any of them). Jordan and Bear also like to make jokes about how "hot" Alex is - even though it's in a brotherly, teasing sense.




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