Book Reviews by authordebjeet

The Love of Vera by Alice Magro is a contemporary romance fiction based on deep thoughts and values of profound love. Gino and Vera are distant cousins who are in love and had suffered the loss of parents. Brought up in a wealthy family with mafia connections, the setting of this book is partly like the acclaimed Godfather series. It takes you on a journey full of romance, action, and adventure. We get to witness love stories from two generations - of Gino and Vera, and uncle Armando and aunt Yolanda. Vera’s college life and her relationship with Gino is well documented in the pages.

Simon’s Skin by Nidhi Kamra and illustrated by Diane Brown is a children’s book based on accepting your own skin. This acceptance stems from the experiences of the protagonist in the plot, Simon, who tries a couple of skins but finds all of them boring, and Simon doesn’t like boring. He tries the skin of various animals like a porcupine, chameleon, firefly, snake, and even a fox but all of them end up being disastrously boring for Simon as he gets ignored, laughed at, or uncomfortable in all their skins.

ABCs and 123s for Boys by Tom McLaughlin and illustrated by Adit Galih is a playful alphabet and counting book for small children. It introduces 26 alphabet letters of the English language and mathematical numbers from 1 to 10 in a rhythmic two-line couplet. Kids will learn the ABCs and letter sounds. They will also find it interesting to count the animals in the book and look at the various illustrations with wonder and awe. This book is eye-appealing as it is very colourful and contains a variety of animals, birds, and cartoons.

This Is Your Shifting Season by Michael L. Williams Jr. is a spiritual book that is going to change your perception about your true inner power, teach you valuable life lessons, and show what is possible with dedication and the right strategies. It draws similarity from different auto parts and compares them with the vehicle called life. Having personally experienced the various lows in life for over two decades, the author embarks on a noble journey to spread love among his readers. The pages are filled with positivity and many learning outcomes.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum (Other Wonderland Tales Book 1) by Anders Roseberg, and illustrated by Alex Preyzner, is a children’s lyrical fiction. This book will appeal to young children who are baffled by twins and their appearances. While Dee and Dum look very much alike, their private life is hardly similar. While Dee is serious and intelligent, Dum is full of fun and frolic. Children will love reading their contrasting food habits, dressing style, mischiefs, and their outings to the beach. Preyzner has presented this wonderful journey using colourful illustrations.

The Gifted: A Greg O'Brien Prequel is coming-of-age fiction that will appeal to readers looking for a short young adult drama. Greg O'Brien, a gifted college student and also a part-time employee at McDonald's, is devastated when his high-school sweetheart, Rosalyn, cheats on him at the end of the school year and leaves him for some rich guy.