Book Reviews by tonib

Chaant and Ky'el are two brothers from the small, walled city of Almarra.

When their city comes under the attack by a Demon Lord and his army, they must find a way to protect their home.

Sam is an imaginative young boy who likes to make inventions. He lives on an isolated family farm with his father John who is a writer. Sam is not sure why his mother isn't in the picture or even why his father doesn't like to mention her, although curiosity does get the best of him and he wonders about her from time to time. 

Although it seems as though the father and son have nothing in common, they do share one thing: their dreams!

Somehow, someway, they both are able to see and even switch dreams with one another! 

Fairy Dust Fumble is a crowd pleaser for children and adults alike!  Middle-Schooler Colton Clutts becomes viral on YouTube after a couple of embarrassing videos of himself show up online. Being a Clutts, and a clutz at the same time is no joke! 

Not to mention the fact that his crush, Lani Andrews happened to witness one of those embarrasing events. 

So. Not. Cool.

Amelia just moved to Granby High from Okinawa, Japan. Being the new girl is always tough, but even tougher when THE girls are after you.

THE FIVE girls have the power to make your life miserable at Granby High, and unfortunately for Amelia, she bumps into THE Samantha leaving books, papers, and homework flying everywhere, making Amelia fall flat on her bottom. 

And not to mention, Matt was watching her.

Why can't Amelia ever manage to look cool in front of Matt?

Monte Darrow is 15 years old, and he's something special although he doesn't know it quite yet.

He lives in Salem, Massachusetts where he is usually spending time at the beach with his older brother Garrick having loads of fun. That is...until something strange happens. Did a seashell just save his life? And who is that mysterious girl?

A Young Girl has just found out that her father has gotten cancer. Pancreatic cancer to be exact. She doesn't know what to do. Is it her fault? Why is this happening to her family? Her father? Is God punishing her for forgetting to pray? These are all questions that she has been asking herself over and over and has been writing in her diary after her father got diagnosed. Why won't God make him better? She's been praying and praying, but her dad is still sick. Why isn't God listening? Can he even hear her? Will her dad be there to walk her down the aisle?