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Fairy Dust Fumble is a crowd pleaser for children and adults alike!  Middle-Schooler Colton Clutts becomes viral on YouTube after a couple of embarrassing videos of himself show up online. Being a Clutts, and a clutz at the same time is no joke! 

Not to mention the fact that his crush, Lani Andrews happened to witness one of those embarrasing events. 

So. Not. Cool.

Abby, Colton's little sister believes Colton has inherited the so called, "Clutts Curse" from their father. But, Colton of course, will never believe his little sister. It's just bad luck, right?

But when Abby gives Colton a spell, things change! Rather than being the 3rd-liner, Colton is now the starting Quarterback on the Peakland Middle School Football Team! With this change comes a new nickname too - Colton is deemed Colt-The-Bolt, no more sidelines for him!

But with all this newfound fame and luck, does Colton have enough time for his family and friends, or will it all go to his head? And will he ever get a shot with Lani?

Find out in, Fairy Dust Fumble



Fairy Dust Fumble is an enjoyable book. The use of a first-person perspective for the main character, Colton works really well because it added to the personal feel, as well as the humor. The author, Peter Fanning also added a tremendous amount of detail to all the main characters which really helps the reader get to know them. Overall, I would recommend this book to others. 

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