Fairy Dust Fumble
Fairy Dust Fumble
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Twelve-year-old Colton Clutts is looking for a breakthrough. Average as they come, the third-string quarterback on the middle school football team does himself no favors when he agrees to play the part of the fairy in the school play. Clad in tights, wings, and armed with a wand, Colton achieves school-wide fame after he tumbles off the stage during rehearsals. If that isn’t bad enough, a drafty backside incident on the football field quickly goes viral.

Things at home aren’t much better. Colton’s little sister thinks she’s a witch. She casts protective spells for Colton because she’s convinced he’s cursed. But when she stumbles upon a spell that actually works—turning theater-issued glitter into magical fairy dust—things start happening. It begins with crazy slam dunks in gym class, then Colton runs wild in a middle school football game. Just like that, Colt-the-Bolt is born—a superstar athlete who gallops into the record books.

For Colton, it’s a dream come true. But a feisty school journalist is chasing the story. And Colton’s sister no longer wants to be a witch. His drama crush isn’t interested in a superstar who’s skipping out on play rehearsals and his best friend is tired of being the sidekick. With the varsity coach calling and ESPN proclaiming him a “phenom,” the Colt-the-Bolt trend is nothing but a big glittery mess. And now, with the spotlight awaiting him and the fairy dust dwindling, Colt finds himself onstage and completely out of magic tricks.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Fairy Dust Fumble is a crowd pleaser for children and adults alike!  Middle-Schooler Colton Clutts becomes viral on YouTube after a couple of embarrassing videos of himself show up online. Being a Clutts, and a clutz at the same time is no joke! 

Not to mention the fact that his crush, Lani Andrews happened to witness one of those embarrasing events. 

So. Not. Cool.

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Fairy Dust Fumble is about a boy named Colton who is in middle school. Colton is no ordinary boy. He is very unlucky and clumsy. His sister believes it is a curse that runs through the family as Colton’s dad is clumsy too. She believes she can protect Colton from the curse because she thinks she’s a witch. One day she stumbles along a real spell, one which temporarily curses the curse. What will Colton do with this newfound power? Will he misuse it? Or will he be able to lead a normal life?

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