White Fur Flying review by underwood_bcl
White Fur Flying
by Patricia MacLachlan
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 9
Reviewer's Location - Jackson, MO, United States
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   I have read a few other Patricia MacLachlan books and loved those but I was unsure  of a book with a dog on the cover.  I like dogs but I don't always like dog books.  This dog book was very good. Zoe's mom rescues Great Pyrenees dogs and her dad is a vet.  But, the main story isn't about dogs but about friendship and helping others.  Zoe, Alice and Phillip are children in the family.  They  and the rescued dogs  (in their own ways)help the little boy next door who does not speak. 



   I liked the story because of the relationships between the children and their neighbor and how they managed to get the new rescued dogs and the little boy to begin to trust them.  When the silent boy, Phillip,  follows  Jack, a rescued dog, the dog ends up keeping Phillip safe.  I think I like Alice best because of her imagination.  She always tells the truth but she often adds a bit more than the real truth.

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