White Fur Flying
White Fur Flying
White Fur Flying
Patricia MacLachlan
A young boy tries to find his voice with the help of some four-legged friends in this novel from the Newbery-winning author of Sarah, Plain and Tall.Zoe’s family rescues dogs in need. There is always the sweet smell of dog and a warm body looking to cuddle or play. There is always a new dog to be saved and loved. Fur flies everywhere. It covers everything. Zoe’s house is never silent. But the house across the street is always silent these days. A new family has moved in and Phillip, the boy, has stopped speaking. He doesn’t even want to try. Zoe knows that saving dogs and saving boys are different jobs, but she learns that some parts are the same. Both take attention and care, understanding and time. And maybe just a bit of white fur flying. From Newbery Medalist Patricia MacLachlan, White Fur Flying is an endearing tale of companionship and hope.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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   I have read a few other Patricia MacLachlan books and loved those but I was unsure  of a book with a dog on the cover.  I like dogs but I don't always like dog books.  This dog book was very good. Zoe's mom rescues Great Pyrenees dogs and her dad is a vet.  But, the main story isn't about dogs but about friendship and helping others.  Zoe, Alice and Phillip are children in the family.  They  and the rescued dogs  (in their own ways)help the little boy next door who does not speak. 


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