Whispers at Moonrise review by Bookreader587
Whispers at Moonrise (A Shadow Falls Novel)
by C. C. Hunter
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Whispers at Moonrise started out with Kylie Galen, the main character, finding out that she's a chameleon, a supernatural able to change her species. Oh, ya, shes also seeing her camp leader's ghost, Holiday, except Holiday isn't dead. Along her quest to find herself and the reason behind the ghost, she finds more people like her, and she also finds out about the murder of Holiday's twin sister and two others. Near the end of the novel, Kylie finds the murderer a little too late, and ends up bringing her back from the dead. To top it all off, she had best friend and boy troubles, and ended up with a broken heart. With all the pressure from her grandfather to come learn the secrets of her species, and all the hardships she endured, she gives in and leaves shadow falls and joins her grandfather. 


In my personal opinion of this book, the plot line was great, a little slow to start, but got moving pretty quickly. I do think that this book could have been written better for a teen novel. The vocabulary wasn't what you would expect, and it seemed like every character talked in the same way. For example, every character said the word "frigging' no matter their age, and it seems like an adult would not talk like that. Regardless, I got a great picture of every character and their personalities. I would also like to point out the relationships between characters. It seems that, as a reader, the entire book revolves around Kylie and how she solves all the problems for every character. There are other character issues, but if the issue is not solved by Kylie, or had advice from Kylie on the situation, the problem would not be resolved. It also seems like Kylie is too timid in some parts, and too aggresive in others, with little or no transistions between the two. Althought this book was overall pretty good, I found the writing immature for a young adult novel, but am excited to read the next book in the series.

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This book is half way between the green one and the one I picked. There are sexual scenes that are not appropriate for young people, but the violence is down to a minimum. However the gory "dead people" or ghosts descriptions are right in the middle. The theme is also very mature, I do not recommend reading this book if you are under twelve or are squeamish.

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