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In this touchy subject novella, 15 year old Emily Wheiler just wants to be like normal girls her age, especially after her mother's death. With many responsibilities as the lady of the manor, and no free time, she starts to realize that her father is threatening in more than one way once drunk. Thinking she's found a way out, she finds a man to court her. Her father then beats and violates her, scarring her for life. After escaping, she is found by a vampire and marked as a fledgling, that must reside at the House of Night.

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Whispers at Moonrise started out with Kylie Galen, the main character, finding out that she's a chameleon, a supernatural able to change her species. Oh, ya, shes also seeing her camp leader's ghost, Holiday, except Holiday isn't dead. Along her quest to find herself and the reason behind the ghost, she finds more people like her, and she also finds out about the murder of Holiday's twin sister and two others. Near the end of the novel, Kylie finds the murderer a little too late, and ends up bringing her back from the dead.


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