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The Ugly Teapot: Book One: Hannah (Volume 1)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
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The Ugly Teapot is a novel about 14-year-old Hannah Bradbury, a girl who is mourning her father’s death. Hannah's father, Gil Bradbury, was a famous photographer who explored and captured the wonders of the world while Hannah’s mother stayed home with Hannah and her two younger brothers at their house in Green Park, Tennessee. Gil was Hannah’s role model, and it seems like she has lost him forever after his death. However, Hannah soon finds out that may not be the case.

She discovers an old teapot that her father gave to her after one of his many expeditions. After examining the gift further, Hannah realizes it is no ordinary teapot, but instead a magical lamp. She rubs the lamp and a genie appears- but more importantly, so does the opportunity of three wishes that will take Hannah on a journey far crazier than any of her father’s expeditions.


I really enjoyed reading The Ugly Teapot by Fred Holmes. From the very beginning, this novel captured and held my attention. The protagonist, Hannah, was a strong female character who exhibited bravery and strength throughout the story. She was very likeable, and I found her character easy to relate to.

I liked how this story was filled with action but still dealt with heavy subjects, including death and grief. I think the author did a nice job in finding the balance between happy and sad; some scenes were fun and adventurous while others provoked deep thinking. The plot was well-developed and executed, and the story kept me guessing until the very end.

Overall, I would definitely recommend The Ugly Teapot to any reader looking for an action-packed story with sentimental themes.

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