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Jordan Lake has always had an obsession with Audrey Hepburn, but after discovering a piece of her family history she finds out that her idol may be closer to her than she ever dreamed possible. While rummaging through her grandmother’s house, Jordan finds a bracelet almost identical to one that Audrey Hepburn wore in a movie. The bracelet belonged to an aunt that Jordan never knew who was the inspiration for the movie. After begging her grandmother, Jordan takes the bracelet home and decides to wear it to school.

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Things have finally settled down since Jordan’s last adventure – battling the Greek goddess Hathor. Jordan and her best friend, Selena, are thankful they no longer have to deal with the tricks of gods and goddesses. However, Jordan’s suspicions arise when she is given a box from her grandmother, containing tickets for Grams, Jordan, and Selena to travel to Paris.

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Melly and Tom McCarron are used to moving; their father, Jim, is a veteran of World War II. But once the family is finally back together and settled in North Carolina, yet another conflict erupts--the Cold War. When Jim takes a new position in Germany, Melly and Tom are uprooted and moved to an American base, an unknown place to them where they barely know the language. They are being torn away from their Aunt Deeny, who acts as a role model and friend of theirs. However, they don’t complain due to the fear of their father’s abusiveness.

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The Ugly Teapot is a novel about 14-year-old Hannah Bradbury, a girl who is mourning her father’s death. Hannah's father, Gil Bradbury, was a famous photographer who explored and captured the wonders of the world while Hannah’s mother stayed home with Hannah and her two younger brothers at their house in Green Park, Tennessee. Gil was Hannah’s role model, and it seems like she has lost him forever after his death. However, Hannah soon finds out that may not be the case.

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