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Triangulate: The Stones of Bothynus Trilogy Book Three
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Faith-based

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Annie might seem like a normal sixteen-year-old girl, but she has a big secret. She is very close to a half-angel named Aaan, who has become a very important part of her life! In the final book of the Stones of Bothynus Trilogy, we pick up soon after the previous book finished, where there are still lots of mysteries surrounding the three stones. This time, Annie, her sister (Red), Red’s boyfriend (Erik), and Aaan all must deal with the consequences of having these stones. While Aaan tries to use the Angel Stone to learn more about who he is and his heritage, evil forces conspire against the him to obtain the stones and use them for their own devious means. That means hurting Annie to get what they want. Will Aaan be able to save the one he loves, while also learning about who he really is? Read the book to find out!


This book is a worthy follow-up to the previous book in the series. I enjoyed it a lot more than the last book. My favorite part was how much the book explored what it meant to be non-human. In the case of Aaan, that meant being a half-angel (a being that lives forever but does not seem to have any real purpose like his Guardian Angel relatives). In addition, learning about Aaan’s family was very interesting to me. I simply love learning about any beings that aren’t quite human, so this was definitely to my liking.

There are some romantic relationships in this book, and I would have liked Annie to be a little bit older (maybe 18 instead of 16). I didn't like how so much of her time was spent thinking of Aaan, but perhaps that is realistic. The argument is made that she is a very smart girl, but then we see her get pressured into drinking alcohol. I liked that these things were questioned in the book, but they weren't taken as seriously as I would have liked.

There was a lot of dialogue and exposition instead of the characters doing something, so some parts moved slower than others. But the book does pick up and gets quite good. Overall, this book is worth a read, especially if you have read the previous two books in this trilogy.

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Content rating - some mature content

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There are things like alcohol use and drug use, which is done on occasion. There are some swear words and mentions of body mutilation and prostitution as well.



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