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Genre - Adventure
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Young Mayten is training to be a tree singer, one of the important roles in her clan. She has already started to talk to the trees, but she must learn to listen to them as well. Mayten isn't nervous about her leveling day, after all she already knows she will be a tree singer. The only thing she is worried about is the trees... they seem to be trying to tell her that something is wrong. But on leveling day, she learns that she, along with her friends Carther and Tray, will be going on a journey to save the trees. But Mayten has only just started her training... and she was a tree singer, not a quester! Will she be able to save the trees?


When I first started this book, I was already intrigued by the title, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! First of all, the start of the book was very strong since everything about the clan and Mayten's duty was explained very swiftly, but didn't seem forced. Also, I found it interesting that this book was written from 3rd person perspective since I am used to reading from 1st person perspective. I found that this didn't end up altering the way I saw the story. Another thing I liked about this story was the way the author wrote the story. They used a lot of descriptive words, and this made me feel like I was traveling alongside Mayten. Overall, I highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy books about travel and adventure.

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