Tree Singer
Tree Singer
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Fifteen-year-old Mayten loves training as a tree singer, an esteemed position among her clan. But when she feels pain coming from the trees, she finds herself on an unexpected quest, one so dangerous she might never return home.

Now Mayten must use her unfinished training to face betrayal, fear, and a deadly foe. Is she a match for the ancient evil attacking her trees or will the entire kingdom fall to ruin?

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  • Adventure

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  • 12 and up
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Mayten Singer has always lived with her large family in the countryside. She spent her free time with her brother, Wollemi, or with her beloved trees. Soon she won’t have much free time though. She was leveling up to Level 4 with her two friends. Once they received their assignments, they would become full-fledged members of the clan. Mayten isn’t worried. She will be a tree singer just like her mother. After all, communicating with the trees and directing their energy came easily to her. Some even said she had potential to be better than her mother.

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Young Mayten is training to be a tree singer, one of the important roles in her clan. She has already started to talk to the trees, but she must learn to listen to them as well. Mayten isn't nervous about her leveling day, after all she already knows she will be a tree singer. The only thing she is worried about is the trees... they seem to be trying to tell her that something is wrong. But on leveling day, she learns that she, along with her friends Carther and Tray, will be going on a journey to save the trees. But Mayten has only just started her training...

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