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Book Reviews by sylvie55555

A fairy dentist called Pixie Pink lives deep in the cozy Diffle Woods. She helps all the animals with their toothaches, plaque, and teeth problems! This book spins a fun tale on an experience a lot of kids dread: visiting the dentist. The creatures of Diffle Wood may be scared of going to the dentist, but Dr. Pink takes care of them quickly and fixes them right up! This picture book is perfect for kids who are scared of the dentist or looking for a charming story about woodland creatures!

It is Halloween, and a young boy is sent to his room. He runs off into the forest, wanting to play a trick on his mother. But as he goes in deeper, he spots three witches! They see him and circle him and take him off to their house, wanting to add him to their stew. The boy knows he must think quickly to escape and convinces the witches to let him go if he can create a riddle they can't solve. But will his wits be enough to save him?

Deep in the Woods, King Deer has a feeling that something special is about to happen. Suddenly, there is a bright glow from off in the distance! "Great News!" calls the tree frog. A firefly has been born! Could it be true? A firefly born for the first time in the woods? This would mean that winter is officially over and summer can start!

Young Mayten is training to be a tree singer, one of the important roles in her clan. She has already started to talk to the trees, but she must learn to listen to them as well. Mayten isn't nervous about her leveling day, after all she already knows she will be a tree singer. The only thing she is worried about is the trees... they seem to be trying to tell her that something is wrong. But on leveling day, she learns that she, along with her friends Carther and Tray, will be going on a journey to save the trees. But Mayten has only just started her training...

Rudy Goldsiten has already died twice. After being placed in the care of Nessie, an AI guardian, she preserved him from an asteroid strike so that he could help humans survive alien contact many years later. There he died for the first time. Then he died a second time years later, merged with an alien. Now, the civilians of Earth need him once again. Hostile human-aliens have been roaming Earth, and their agendas are unclear. Is Rudy willing to risk dying a third time to help his descendants?

When Sarah asked her grandma about what her father was like as a child, she never expected such an answer. After finding out from her grandma that her father had written a book for school about his life at the farm when he was younger, Sarah sets out to find it. As she reads through her father's adventures on the farm, she learns more and more about how his childhood was. When Randy Ray (Sarah's father) wrote his ME book, he never imagined his kids would actually read it. He was just writing down what he noticed and some of his memories.