Book Reviews by sylvie55555
Little Book is a self-published book, and he lives a very happy life with his author, Paige Turner. One day, he finds himself left in a bookstore, abandoned by his author. He realizes that she has given up on publishing him, and he sets off on a journey to try and become a bestseller.
Every day seems the same for Prince Lazaro.  Everyone else in the kingdom has a task to do, so he is always left alone. One day, he decides to wander into the woods despite his parents' warnings to never go in alone. After walking awhile, he hits his head on a tree, and then gets transported into a different world! There, he meets a beautiful dragon whose scales hold the power of gratitude and happiness. Two evil men are trying to steal the scales.  Can Prince Lazaro save the dragon and bring happiness back to his kingdom?
After the plague took Thomas's parents, he knew he had to leave behind the village of his old life and his parents' death. He takes his parents' advice and heads east, hoping to start a new life while keeping his parents' legacies in his heart. However, he soon becomes part of an attack from a thieves group known as Neydis. He meets other travelers in a similar position, and together they come up with a plan. They want to find adventure... with dragons. Everyone knows dragons are dangerous, but is it a risk that Thomas is willing to take to start his new life?
Eudora Jenkins is always causing trouble around Athena, the ship in Astrofleet where she lives. She doesn't want to cause trouble;  she just wants to have fun and test out her ideas. Eudora decides to change the PA system to play her favorite song during a battle-training exercise. Even though she gets in trouble, it's worth it to see how the adults acted when they heard the song! Then, Eudora finds out that her father is planning on giving some of his lobsters to the Captain to use in the New Year’s Grand Dinner Buffet!
Ever since Tipani's father went into a coma, her perfect family life has turned into a nightmare. She has started having terrible nighmares, and her mom slowly has started to pull further away, leaving Tipani to raise herself. Plus, the Spoon Man from her nightmares seems to be crawling into her real life and trapping her own mother with his spell. Just as things seem to be getting worse for Tipani, she meets Piper. Piper is magical fairy, and he tells her that she is a "weaver", a person with the power to fight nightmares.