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When Sarah asked her grandma about what her father was like as a child, she never expected such an answer. After finding out from her grandma that her father had written a book for school about his life at the farm when he was younger, Sarah sets out to find it. As she reads through her father's adventures on the farm, she learns more and more about how his childhood was. When Randy Ray (Sarah's father) wrote his ME book, he never imagined his kids would actually read it. He was just writing down what he noticed and some of his memories.

It's 1612, and accused witches are constantly being hanged. After the Pankenham family purchases the land of one of those hanged witches, they discover a box of old coins and a medallion. They are able to sell the coins and end up keeping the medallion. Back in the present day, Jeremy is handed down an old family medallion as a birthday gift. Jeremy is a 17-year-old in the United Kingdom, living a relatively normal life. But after touching a magical feather, he is transported back in time with his medallion.

This book is an autobiography written by author Kaitlyn Jain. Jain writes about her many travels with her family and her tips for traveling with children. From Hawaii to Italy and from pesto to a Krispy Kreme donut, this book is extremely diverse. The author thoroughly describes her adventures all over the world while at the same time informing readers about different cultures and countries. This book highlights the many wonderful aspects of traveling while at the same time telling readers how to be fully prepared while traveling.

Sam really misses her parents. They are usually away on top-secret missions, leaving her at home with her grandpa. Sam loves staying with her grandpa on his farm, but it's a little boring... until the day before her birthday when she finds a creature in their barn, delivering a birthday present from her parents. The creature turns out to be Boj, a friendly Krygian from the planet Kryg. Upon traveling to Kryg, Sam learns that she is the new queen of Kryg and is tasked with finding the Hopewell Star, the only resource strong enough to save the dwindling lives of both Kryg and the Earth!

Monster in the Water is an excellent picture book that explains causes of water pollution in oceans and lakes. All of the kids in Seaville are very excited about going swimming on their beachfront. But when they arrive, there is a sign that says no swimming, and the water is green! Is there a monster in the water? It may not be a monster, but it is something scary: harmful algal bloom! Will the children and the town be able to fight this monster?

Julie is excited to work as a temporary dessert provider on a one week superyacht. Sure, she's never really baked while at sea, and she is bringing her wild grandmother, Rose, along, but it's sure to be a fun trip. The week starts out harmless enough even if there's some drama going on between the guests onboard. But when Michelle, the owner of the yacht's rude mother-in-law is found to be dead, things start to get crazy. Everyone is a suspect, from Michelle's boyfriend, to even her very own daughter Valerie. But why would someone want Michelle dead?


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