Book Reviews by sylvie55555
Odie Explores is the story of a wonderful dog and his new friend Phoebe. Odin, or Odie as his friends call him, loves to explore and learn about new things in their environment. Odie and Phoebe go on a walk so that they can make these discoveries together. The first thing they see is a red-shouldered hawk, which Odie explains is a hunting bird! Together, Odie and Phoebe keep exploring and find many different animal friends such as fireflies, bees, and box turtles!

The Fifth Hero: Race to Erase is a book about Jarret, Lina, Agnes, and Malik. The four of them are part of a Climate Club hosted by Lina’s parents, the owners of Calamity Corporation, a company that creates space communities and helps save the earth. One day, they all go over to Lina's house to celebrate her birthday. There, Jarret, Malik, and Agnes overhear a concerning conversation between Lina's older brother Tommy and her parents. Tommy has a top-secret project, The Four Powerful Obliteration of Natural Existence Spheres, four spheres that will ruin Earth.

Eleven-year-old Barclay Throne does not like adventure. Instead, he likes to follow the rules especially since he already sticks out in town. He was orphaned just seven years ago when a beast attacked Dullshire, the town he lives in. Luckily, Barclay was able to secure an apprenticeship with Master Pilzman, the mushroom farmer in town. Things are starting to look up for Barclay until Master Pilzman accepts a second apprentice, eight-year-old Selby. Selby is annoying, lazy, and hates mushrooms.  Plus, unlike Barclay, Selby has a family waiting for him at home.

Ever since Princess Bianca was born, she has been determined to be so frail and delicate that she needs to be diligently protected. Thus, she has never once been outside the castle where she lives, even at 13 years old. Every day, Princess Bianca wakes up and follows the same exact (very boring!) routine, but one thing always managed to cheer her up: reading her favorite fairy-tale books. However, things slowly start to get weird when Bianca starts to hear rumors that something very scary and very dangerous is coming to her village of Pacifico.

Harper is sick of being 12. It seems like everything she wants to do, such as post on Tik-Tok, she isn't allowed until she's 13. But things seem to be turning around on her 12 1/2 birthday celebration. Her parents let her start posting on Tik-Tok early, and the most popular girl in school, Celia, has invited Harper and her best friend Ava to her birthday party. At Celia's party, Harper learns that the only reason she was invited was that her mom helped out with the party.