Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility (Book 2)...
Tommy Black and the Coat of Invincibility (Volume 2)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 11
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Tommy Black is back and quickly losing his power! He goes from being able to stop time to only being able to create light. He had been destroying trains for two years to save the Marid (a type of monster Tommy feels needs rescuing), but because he is losing power, he goes back to the man who betrayed him, Mister Ali, who tells him there are other artifacts, The Cup and The Coat. 

He then goes to talk with Cain, one of his oldest enemies, who makes a deal with him. Tommy quickly agrees. Suddenly, an “angel” appears, wearing The Coat of Invincibility! Tommy feels the staff is telling him he needs to get The Coat immediately. He decides to recruit one of his oldest friends, Naomi, to help him get it.

When he arrives, he finds Naomi living in a castle with a Russian man named Arkady (which fills him with jealousy). He gets things worked out and heads to St. Petersburg, Russia, instead of Germany (which he would have done because of his deal with Cain) to locate the Angel, taking his band of associates with him: Mister Ali, Naomi, and Arkady.



This was a VERY good book. I enjoyed it a lot. The main problem, though, is Tommy is very childish for his age (in the last book and this one) because he's always doing silly things, such as deciding to fight a river and generally making things worse.

I think my favorite character was Ignatius Lazarus who Tommy thinks is very creepy at first, but he finds out Ignatius is very useful and would die to protect him. Naomi was still awesome, and she was definitely my second favorite character (almost tied for first). I still think my favorite monsters are the Marid

Jake Kerr is very good at writing, and if he writes another book, I would definitely read it.

‚ÄčI believe that someone ages eight through twelve might enjoy this book.


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