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Genre - Fantasy

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Cindy doesn’t know her life is being written down as she lives it. She also doesn’t know she is about to become a brand-new witch. But these things are happening. While Cindy figures out—sometimes unconsciously—what being a new witch means, those watching her are fighting to have her on their side. Cindy's magic is changing her life in ways she never expected—especially when, right after she awakens it, she is mostly unaware that she is even performing magic!

But now that she is a full witch, Cindy has some choices to make. Satan wants Cindy’s powers to increase his own and to aid other witches he has on earth. Shy Spy (Cindy's guardian and record keeper) and the Holy Spirit want to protect Cindy, and allow her to use her powers for goodness. Who will win Cindy to their side? And what will Cindy do with her magic now that she has it?


Spiritual Attack is a short novel that delves into a mixture of magic, religion, and alternate dimensions in a seamless combination. This is a great look “behind the curtain,” with an interesting take on magic and how it can relate to religion in our world. Spiritual Attack is a light and easy read, as I was able to finish the book in one sitting.

Cindy's magic ranges from being able to locate hard-to-find items on the Internet to placing her in the path of a cute martial arts instructor (named Ken) she'd like to spend more time with. A bit of romance gives the story a nice side plot. I would have liked for the ending to be a bit more detailed, as the rest of the story is. In terms of what Cindy decides to do with her magic, we know she aids her friend in assisting another witch, but we don't know where she goes from there. I would like to know if Cindy makes a career out of witchcraft or what she uses her magic for in everyday life. And I would love to know how Cindy and Ken’s romance takes flight and expands—the ins and outs, and whether or not he knows she is a witch. A sequel maybe? I recommend this book to readers ages 12 and up, mainly anyone with an interest in magic.

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