Book Reviews by amandaspk17

It’s nothing more than myth and legend, a story grizzled warriors tell around the campfire to the young and gullible. Dragons never existed. The All Tree is nothing but a fairytale. There is no such thing as other worlds or dangerous people attempting to get here from them. 

Normal [n]: the usual, average, or typical state or condition. For most high school teens being just normal means being boring. Being normal is not the plan nor would they ever want to be described as such. For Cat, being normal is something she only dreams about, and her dreams aren’t happy ones at the moment. Cat is finally back to school for her senior year, but she no longer has a boyfriend, straight As, or a position on the crew team. What Cat does have…is lymphoma.

A secret manuscript. An unbelievable story. A slightly unexpected, and entirely unknown author. All of this leads to a tale told in first person by a college freshman whose life of boredom in a single-stoplight-town turns quite suddenly into an intergalactic adventure through the stars!  

“Candy makes them sweet.” As the hostess introduces the contestants of the fifth season of Carnival Panic to the cute, fluffy, pink bunny at her side; the creature certainly doesn’t resemble the limb-removing, metal monster it can become. In a world filled with misery and death every day, why wouldn’t the masses enjoying watching more of it on live television in a competition to the extreme?

Human? Robot? Or a mixture of both? Dat is unsure of his place in this new world, not new to others, just to him. Because he’s a new prototype Model 500 with DNA from a human who gave his brain for the project when he died. As Dat and other Model 500s are introduced to the world, his sensors are overloaded with the information he was “birthed with” and the information surging around him.

“Watch out. It’s coming.” 

Alex doesn’t believe her psychiatric patient’s chilling words to be more than a mental breakdown from his stressful job as a physicist at the Complex. Until she learns there’s a lot more going on than just this one patient…like the one before who suddenly died of cardiac arrest, or the weird connection to her missing father, or her friend’s involvement in the experiment going so horribly wrong!