Spiritual Attack
Spiritual Attack

Cindy goes through a process of discovery that she is a witch with a need to protect herself spiritually from Satan's attacks on her psyche. In the spiritual realm, Shy Spy and the Holy Spirit help Cindy along with her learning journey. In the physical realm, Lady Ashley Le Bann and Jane Moon are witches, and they teach her some stuff, including Reiki, Merlin's healing technique, and sacred circles.

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Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Cindy doesn’t know her life is being written down as she lives it. She also doesn’t know she is about to become a brand-new witch. But these things are happening. While Cindy figures out—sometimes unconsciously—what being a new witch means, those watching her are fighting to have her on their side. Cindy's magic is changing her life in ways she never expected—especially when, right after she awakens it, she is mostly unaware that she is even performing magic!

Shy Spy is watching over Cindy from heaven, trying to guide her on her walk of faith. Cindy questions everything, especially the dreams Satan sends her. She is trying to find out what she believes in when some strange things happen to her...even when she does not realize it. Meanwhile, Shy Spy is making a biography of Cindy’s life and attempting to keep her on the straight and narrow path. Will Cindy find out why these weird things keep happening? Will Shy Spy be able to keep Cindy out of Satan’s clutches?

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