The Selkie of San Francisco review by EmmaRaven
The Selkie of San Francisco (A Sam London Adventure)
by Todd Calgi Gallicano
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Ever since Sam London saved the world’s magical beings from being exposed to humanity, he’s been waiting for another exciting case from his friends at the Department of Mythical Wildlife. When video footage of a selkie in San Francisco goes viral, he’s up to the challenge. Sam, his elite warrior friend and neighbor Tashi, and Dr. Vance Vantana set off to investigate the mysterious appearance. They soon discover that the selkie is pursuing Pearl Eklund, a fashion and social media icon. She seems normal, but with a forgotten past and hidden powers, it becomes apparent that she has a close tie to the mythical world. With two powerful races of aquatic beings on the brink of war, Pearl might be the only hope in stopping a terrible force from destroying humankind. In the meantime, Sam himself is trying to defog the secrets of his own past. He never knew his father, and the mighty Phylassos himself seems to guard the secret with ferocity. Will the boy who saw the gryphon and his friends be able to discover the truth of these two pasts and save the world once again before it is too late?



The Selkie of San Francisco brings Sam London, Tashi, and Dr. Vantana on another unforgettable adventure, full of monsters, magic, and plenty of laughs. The previous novel, Guardians of the Gryphon’s Claw, did not feature any aquatic mythical creatures, so it was great to see some in this book. As with the previous book, there was a glossary of the different magical creatures that were featured in the story, complete with illustrations and (usually hilarious) notes that really set it apart from most other novels I read. There are foreboding events within every chapter, and it is quite fun to observe the smallest details that may distinguish hidden friend from disguised foe. The adventure, like the previous, spans the globe, visiting both real-life and mythical places on land and beneath the sea. Pearl’s transformation from a self-absorbed fashion model to a potential hero is a message, inspiring others that a hero can indeed come from anywhere and people can change. And, of course, there are tons of quips and amusing mishaps, from Tashi’s incomplete understanding of modern society to Dr. Vantana’s dry sense of humor in a crisis. Action enthusiasts, fantasy lovers, or those just looking for a fun, new series will enjoy The Selkie of San Francisco and the rest of Sam London’s adventures.

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There is some intense peril and mild violence.




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