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It’s been six months since Forsythe Fitzgerald lost his father. He was taken by a giant, unearthly creature that attacked Washington, DC. Now, Fort is confronted by a man named Dr. Opps, who offers to enroll him in a school that teaches its students magic through two strange books, The Magic of Recuperation and The Magic of Destruction. The two books, along with several others, were unearthed thirteen years ago, and only people born after their discovery have the ability to read their pages.

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Ever since Sam London saved the world’s magical beings from being exposed to humanity, he’s been waiting for another exciting case from his friends at the Department of Mythical Wildlife. When video footage of a selkie in San Francisco goes viral, he’s up to the challenge. Sam, his elite warrior friend and neighbor Tashi, and Dr. Vance Vantana set off to investigate the mysterious appearance. They soon discover that the selkie is pursuing Pearl Eklund, a fashion and social media icon.

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Lily Kingman seems normal. She lives with her parents and older brother at a Bed & Breakfast, goes to college, and has reliable friends. However, she has the peculiar ability to hear animals’ thoughts, and her wounds heal overnight.

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Penhallow is a stone gargoyle (though the proper term, he says, is a “Grotesque”). He protects his building and its residents from the evil, undead Netherkin, who attack the living from the shadows. One night, his only friends are killed, leaving him as the last Grotesque in the city of Boston.

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