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When Timmy, Jade, and Mateo take a trip to their magic spot, they embark on a nautical adventure across the seven seas.  Jade quickly discovers a mysterious treasure chest loaded with jewels and a tattered treasure map signed by Owen Edward Fastbottom. When a cannon booms nearby, the children realize they are being followed by a pirate and his crew. Not just any pirate, but the dreaded pirate captain, who claims the treasure belongs to him! Now the crew of friends must decide whether or not to trust the captain and find out more about this Owen Edward Fastbottom. Will they agree to a fair trade, or refuse to give up their new found treasure? Set sail in The Secret of One-eyed Cogburn, the Dreaded Pirate Captain, to find out!


The Secret of One-Eyed Cogburn, the Dreaded Pirate Captain is an entertaining picture book following three friends on a journey at sea. Wigginton’s use of rich language, with a sprinkle of pirate chatter, not only conveys a story but has a way of relating to the reader’s imagination. Colorful and bright illustrations are displayed throughout the book, showcasing a very detailed setting and character emotions. Each page appears to be wrinkled at the corners, resembling an old treasure map. Not only do the illustrations really pop, but the text and even the page numbers add to the overall design of each page. While young children will enjoy this imaginative journey, older children can dive deeper into the storyline to find hidden clues and a touch of humor. Whether you’re looking to reminisce in your childhood imagination, or ignite a creative spark in your own children, this is a great addition to any bookshelf! 

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