The Secret of One-Eyed Cogburn, The Dreaded Pirate Captain
The Secret of One-Eyed Cogburn, The Dreaded Pirate Captain
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Timmy, Jimmy, and Jade love to fill their summer days with fun. In this adventure, the three friends will find a treasure chest in the middle of their ship and meet the dreaded pirate captain, One-Eyed Cogburn, who has a very well-kept secret. But who does the chest truly belong to? Will the three adventurous youth be able to keep the treasure for themselves? Will One-Eyed Cogburn let them escape unharmed? Join Timmy and his friends in this fabulous quest full of mysteries, secrets, and laughter to find out! Literary Titan Review gave it 5 stars and said it was a "captivating children’s book that effortlessly merges the world of make-believe with real-life adventures." They also said this, "is a splendid example of children’s literature that leaves a lasting impact. Its enchanting blend of adventure and moral instruction resonates deeply, making it a valuable addition to any young reader’s collection."

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 3 - 5
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When Timmy, Jade, and Mateo take a trip to their magic spot, they embark on a nautical adventure across the seven seas.  Jade quickly discovers a mysterious treasure chest loaded with jewels and a tattered treasure map signed by Owen Edward Fastbottom. When a cannon booms nearby, the children realize they are being followed by a pirate and his crew. Not just any pirate, but the dreaded pirate captain, who claims the treasure belongs to him!

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Grab your tricorn, spyglass, and your parrot! The “meanest, crustiest, most underhanded pirate to sail the seven seas,” better known as Captain Cogburn or One-Eyed Cogburn is on the hunt for his treasure chest. Just after stumbling upon that very chest, Timmy, Mateo, and Jade are alerted to the ship of the cantankerous old sea dog and his rowdy crew, by way of a noisy cannonball. After the three young sailors give the captain permission to board, a game of cat and mouse with the infamous pirate ensues. Will the trio be able to out-smart One-Eyed Cogburn?

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