The Tocks on the Clock
The Tocks on the Clock

"The arms on my clock point to different spots. Someone lives at each. I call them the Tocks."

Desi journeys through a fantasy land with her dog, Lola, and her cat, Jack, to visit twelve legendary monsters known as the Tocks. Imaginative, colorful characters and imagery capture attention as the reader is familiarized with numbers and time through rhyming verses and visual reinforcement that avoids the tone and presentation of a lesson.

Book Details


  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Welcome to a tour of The Land of the Tocks - a world based within a clock! Our tour conductors in this adventurous introduction to the numbers on a clock are a little girl and her faithful dog and cat. In The Land of the Tocks, a “Tock” lives at each number, from the Phloon “who lives at noon on top of a blue dune,” all the way through to the “Zight” who lives at midnight, who “wishes you a good night.”


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