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Revealed: A House of Night Novel
by Kristin Cast, P. C. Cast
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Paranormal
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 18
Reviewer's Location - Chouteau, OK, United States
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The journey of the young but powerful fledgling Zoey Redbird continues in the eleventh novel of the House of Night series. After knocking Neferet off of the balcony of her penthouse where they saved Grandma Redbird, Zoey and her circle of extremely goddess gifted friends must return to the Tulsa House of Night and resume their normal lives. But after Erin's rejection of the change and the murder of Tulsa's mayor starts leading the humans to question the school, things start turning south for Zoey.

Anger starts going out of control and innocent people die, but will Zoey listen to Aphrodite's horrendous vision? Or will she murder and end up in prison leaving the school and her friends to fight off Neferet themselves? Will evil finally win over good?


I think that this was a wonderful extension to the series. I always love reading these novels and have the hardest time putting them down. They keep drawing me in for more.

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Content rating - some mature content

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It does talk about Zoey having a sextual relationship with Stark and about the pleasures she gets while drinking Aurox's blood for the first time.

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