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Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
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Peeps in Bloom by J. D. Suhre is a sequel to Bullies and Peeps.  Peeps in Bloom continues Meg’s story with the school’s courtyard.  The courtyard holds a special place in Meg’s and many others' hearts, being the center of the school and the place where Meg first found Garret, a goose who Meg helped raise.  Now, the school is being redone, and the courtyard isn’t part of it.  Meg is devastated and tries everything she can to get the school to include the courtyard in the redesign.  Will Meg succeed or end up having to go with the flow?


Peeps in Bloom by J. D. Suhre is an amazing book full of wonderful characters who all have different personalities.  J. D. Suhre has done a great job of making sure no two characters are the same.  The plot, while it may seem simple at first, as the book goes on, it picks up many other smaller plots making the book more complex.  I picked up this book, having read the first book, but to a new reader, some of the references might not make sense.  With that being said, I would recommend reading this book after Bullies and Peeps.  A key lesson this book teaches young readers is that you should never give up on something that is important to you.   The pace of this story was quick moving, while all the while making sure to leave the reader knowing what was going on.  I really enjoyed this element of the book because some books don’t have this.  I would recommend this book to kids ages 8-12 who want a book that will leave them with a happy feeling.

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