Book Reviews by Anissa

Filigree’s Midnight Ride is about a small Pomeranian named Filigree who wants to fight the British soldiers during the American Revolution. The other dogs don't take him seriously because he was once loyal to the British.

Filigree belongs to Frances, the daughter of Paul Revere, and she seems to be the only one who thinks he can make a difference. Frances’s father must leave on a secret mission in the night. So what will happen when Filigree joins Paul Revere on his midnight ride?

The Heir is about a boy named Rob, who is the son of a former soccer pro. His dad made it to the World Cup competition, and Rob wants to someday be there too. When his friend, Taylor, quits soccer to join a band, Rob gets nervous. Taylor has been playing soccer with him for years. When Taylor asks him to join the band, Rob joins, but then he realizes he might have to miss some soccer games for the band. Is that something he will sacrifice? It just gets worse when the soccer tournament is on the same day as a band performance. Which will Rob go to?

I’m Feeling is a picture book about characters who express how they feel as they go through different emotions. They not only demonstrate emotions but also explain how to fix those that are negative, such as sadness, anger, or frustration, without taking it out on others. It includes a fun coloring project, as well as multiple activities through which the reader can express his or her feelings by doing arts-and-craft activities. The book also features a cut-out activity, through which the reader cuts out faces to show different feelings.

The King of Pawleys is a humorous story about a boy named Peter and his family, who take a trip to Pawleys Island every year. This year, they see a girl on the beach, and she is about Peter's age. They eventually make conversation and learn her name is Ali. Little does Ali know that her brother, Brian, is going to get really hurt.

Peter wakes up at night to a lot of screaming. He looks out the window to see a kid is punching and kicking others. Over and over again, someone keeps targeting kids, including Ali's brother, Brian.

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In The Bully Brigade: Headmaster Bully by T.T. Floyd, Principal Turnbull, an evil principal, tries to fire every teacher except for one, Ms. Lewis. Ms. Lewis is a new teacher and so is Principal Turnbull.  They have a lot in common.  In addition to being new to the school, they are also the only enemies to all of the other teachers. Most of the teachers use Mr. Funkberry as their leader. He is strange but in a good way. When a gang of anonymous students tries to save Mr. Funkberry from Principal Turnbull, who will win?

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