Book Reviews by Anissa

In The Treasure of Peril Island by C. W. James, Jack Drayton takes a boat ride full of adventures and mysteries that unravel as the reader dives into a story full of fun.  Jack runs into a pirate who tells him about treasure hidden on Peril Island.  From decoding hidden messages to fighting pirates, the path Jack follows to Peril Island is anything but smooth.  A ship burns and Jack saves his friends and himself while continuously keeping his mind thinking one step ahead.  But what will happen when even Jack doesn’t know what to do?

Nimbility by Aaron T Knight is about a man named Myles who is currently being hunted down by a secret organization.  Along the way, Myles finds three talking birds who help him along the path of trouble that follows.  With multiple shootings at not only himself, but the birds too, the road Myles takes is anything but easy.  He is constantly on the move and keeping an eye out for his enemies.  The only way for Myles to be safe is for him to make the secret organization public.

Infinity: The Rise of the Mandroids by Tejas Mathai is a Sci-Fi book about a kid Jack, his uncle Bruce, and his friend Wayne who all join forces with the Infinity Corps from outer space in order to defeat Tarvin, who works under his master Valaden.  Valaden is currently locked away, but Tarvin made it his mission to take the Infinity Diamonds.  Jack, Bruce, Wayne, and the Infinity Corps fight against Tarvin to keep everyone on Earth and in Outer Space safe.  Who do you think will win, Jack and his friends or Tarvin?

Amina’s Song by Hena Khan is a great book about a girl who travels to visit family in Pakistan.  When she comes back to the US, her friends are worried about her.  They only hear about the bad things in Pakistan, so they assume that it is a bad place to live.  Amina’s Song is about sharing your thoughts through writing music and making friends with good people.  Do you think Amina’s friends will come to understand that Pakistan isn’t a bad place to live, or will they only be scared of the events that happen there

Double the Danger and Zero Zucchini by Betsy Uhrig is a book about a boy named Alex.  Alex is a reluctant reader and thinks he has better things to do with his time.  This all changes when his aunt asks him to read her first book.  It starts with a book about a kid and his grandpa who win a zucchini contest.  Alex’s job is to point out all the boring parts.  But he can’t just tell his aunt to redo the whole book, so instead he gives a suggestion to add more danger and suspense. 

Bullies and Peeps by J.D. Suhre is a book about a girl named Meg who is bullied at school.  Hannah, the bully, is a popular girl who gets enjoyment out of seeing others struggle.  Meg prefers nature to people and sees a nest of eggs with a goose perched on top while looking out of the classroom window.  She learns about geese, and when the eggs eventually hatch, a surprise is welcomed into the classroom.  Will the bullying stop, or will Meg join forces with nature?  Maybe both!


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