Book Reviews by Anissa

Peeps in Bloom by J. D. Suhre is a sequel to Bullies and Peeps.  Peeps in Bloom continues Meg’s story with the school’s courtyard.  The courtyard holds a special place in Meg’s and many others' hearts, being the center of the school and the place where Meg first found Garret, a goose who Meg helped raise.  Now, the school is being redone, and the courtyard isn’t part of it.  Meg is devastated and tries everything she can to get the school to include the courtyard in the redesign.  Will Meg succeed or end up having to go with the flow?

In the book Molly Morningstar A Doll for Me by Andrea Coke, Molly is invited to a friend's tea party.  Her friend asks each person to bring a doll, but Molly can’t find a doll that looks like her.  Molly goes to every store and looks on every shelf, but can’t seem to find a doll that resembles her.  This book puts a real life situation into a simple book that even young kids can understand.  This problem is very relatable for a lot of kids around the world.  Read the book to find out what Molly Morningstar does.

Infinity: The World of Darkness by Tejas Mathai is a fiction book full of fun characters and suspense.  Following up the second book in the series, Jack and Anne’s children, Neil and Nicole, become part of the Infinity Corps.  The Infinity Corps are a group that is formed from people across the galaxy.  When Tarvin, one of the enemies of the Infinity Corps, comes back with allies, the Infinity Corps are called into action.  They must protect Earth from Tarvin’s attacks while also keeping the Infinity Diamonds safe.  Will the Infinity Corps succ

In The Treasure of Peril Island by C. W. James, Jack Drayton takes a boat ride full of adventures and mysteries that unravel as the reader dives into a story full of fun.  Jack runs into a pirate who tells him about treasure hidden on Peril Island.  From decoding hidden messages to fighting pirates, the path Jack follows to Peril Island is anything but smooth.  A ship burns and Jack saves his friends and himself while continuously keeping his mind thinking one step ahead.  But what will happen when even Jack doesn’t know what to do?

Nimbility by Aaron T Knight is about a man named Myles who is currently being hunted down by a secret organization.  Along the way, Myles finds three talking birds who help him along the path of trouble that follows.  With multiple shootings at not only himself, but the birds too, the road Myles takes is anything but easy.  He is constantly on the move and keeping an eye out for his enemies.  The only way for Myles to be safe is for him to make the secret organization public.

Infinity: The Rise of the Mandroids by Tejas Mathai is a Sci-Fi book about a kid Jack, his uncle Bruce, and his friend Wayne who all join forces with the Infinity Corps from outer space in order to defeat Tarvin, who works under his master Valaden.  Valaden is currently locked away, but Tarvin made it his mission to take the Infinity Diamonds.  Jack, Bruce, Wayne, and the Infinity Corps fight against Tarvin to keep everyone on Earth and in Outer Space safe.  Who do you think will win, Jack and his friends or Tarvin?