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Enough is Enough, by Michelle Roehm McCann, is about how young students and teenagers can fight for gun safety.  Told with a strong stance on how gun violence laws should be and how to get them there, this book will encourage even the most introverted teenagers to get up and show the country what needs to be done to create a safer environment.  With history about gun laws from the past and the second amendment, this book truly covers all aspects of gun violence prevention.  With tables, charts, and graphs, this book has all of the nitty gritty details and where they came from.  Read this book to find out more about how you can join the fight against gun violence.


Enough is Enough, by Michelle Roehm McCann, is an inspiring book, written beautifully. Something kids who read this book will love is how harder-to-comprehend facts have a visual diagram.  While this book may be very fact-based, it is full of deep explanations with examples that allow the reader to think about how it directly relates to their own life.  Another aspect that teenagers will enjoy is how every few chapters, after talking about which states have the most restricting laws, most deaths, or other common ideas, there is a color-coded US map and each kid can find where they live and research laws in their area.  A final characteristic that readers will enjoy is the true stories told by mass shooting survivors.  These stories help to put a face behind each and every number shown in statistics.  This book will kindle a flame that will burn in the reader's heart until something is done. I would recommend this book to kids ages 12+ because of the mature themes.

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