Peeps in Bloom
Peeps in Bloom
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Peeps in Bloom is the second book in a series, following the book Bullies and Peeps. 
Meg is on a mission to save the courtyard at Garrett Grove when she hears the school will be rebuilt. She receives support from her friends including Isaac, who is pursuing a goal of his own. 
Both kids encounter resistance from unlikely people. Will they overcome the obstacles that stand in their way?

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Peeps in Bloom by J. D. Suhre is a sequel to Bullies and Peeps.  Peeps in Bloom continues Meg’s story with the school’s courtyard.  The courtyard holds a special place in Meg’s and many others' hearts, being the center of the school and the place where Meg first found Garret, a goose who Meg helped raise.  Now, the school is being redone, and the courtyard isn’t part of it.  Meg is devastated and tries everything she can to get the school to include the courtyard in the redesign.  Will Meg succeed or end up having to go with the flow?

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Peeps in Bloom is a story about Meg and Issac, two students who attend Garrett Grove Elementary School. Issac has just moved to town, and he is once again the new student. Lately, though, he has been having "spells" where he zones out and isn't sure what is wrong with him. His teacher thinks that he is having seizures, but his mom doesn't want to take him to get the help that he needs. When Meg gets to school, she meets the new kid, Issac.
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