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The Nowhere Girls
by Amy Reed
Age Range - Adult
Genre - Chick Lit
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 18
Reviewer's Location - Brule, NE, United States
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The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed tells the story of a group of high school girls who decide to take a stand against the culture of a small town that has allowed several boys to get away with a serious crime. Erin, Rosina, and Grace are outcasts in their school - a new girl, an outsider, and an unknown - but they all share a desire to give voice to a girl who lost hers when she decided to file charges for a terrible crime. 

At Prescott High School it is well known that certain students are allowed extra privileges since their parents are well-connected in the community. However, not everyone agrees with this set of rules, and all it takes is one email to insight a rebellion. What begins as a simple idea soon spirals into a movement that takes Prescott High, and the community, by storm. This is a story involving serious issues of rape, reporting, the definition of “no,” and the weight all these things can carry.



The Nowhere Girls is a book that pulls you in from the moment you begin reading, and it never lets up. The book is told through a series of point of views that include the three main characters, a few smaller characters, and “Us.” I really like the outsider’s perspective offered through the Us sections that show how the actions of the main characters and their group are affecting the population of girls at large. This section rarely uses names, creating a feeling that any girl reading this book could be one of the us’s. 

I am also really intrigued by the author’s portrayal of a character on the Autism spectrum. This is not a common character trait among YA literature, and it added so many layers to the overall seriousness of this story.

This book includes intrigue, serious questions/answers, mystery, and a look at real-life issues affecting teen girls/boys today. I would give this book 5 stars and would recommend it namely to young women (as it would appeal more toward them) ages 16 and up (due to graphic content).


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Content rating - mature content

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This novel includes rape, sexual desire/experiences, homosexuality, and discussions of sex.

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