My Girly Unicorn review by Lilily
Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Picture book
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Age at time of review - 29
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My Girly Unicorn is a story about a unique and special unicorn that seems to stand out among the others. Other unicorns would pick on her because she was different. They would often laugh at her for her quirks and for losing games that they would play. Of course, this would make the special unicorn feel bad. When trouble arose in their magical land, the other unicorns were so helpless that their only hope was for the special unicorn, whom they were poking fun of, to do something to save them. Will the special unicorn be able to save their magical land and everyone else? Read on as we explore the struggles, friendship, and adventures of the special, girly unicorn in My Girly Unicorn.


The book, My Girly Unicorn, is a book that would make your head turn as you see it on the bookshelf even from afar. The cover page as well as the following pages are very colorful and would easily catch your attention. Even though the artwork of the book is very colorful and vivid, the author made sure that the words and sentences of the book would not be overlooked as they are positioned at the bottom of each page with white background. This makes the words and sentences of the book easy to read as you are enjoying the flamboyant illustrations that go together with the story. The story was also presented using rhyming words which makes reading the book even more interesting.  The story portrayed the struggles of making friends especially for young children. As the story ends, the unicorn found out ways to make friends using her “special abilities” that the author wants the reader of the book to realize and explore in their own experiences as well. My Girly Unicorn is perfect for young children especially those who are still figuring out which group of friends is a perfect fit for him/her. 

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