Book Reviews by Lilily
Charlie and the Tire Swing by Diann Floyd Boehm is a touching story of an oak tree and Charlie's grandfather, the planter of the tree. As Charlie listens to his grandfather recount how the tree grew from a tiny acorn, he discovers the deep bond shared between them. Join Charlie on a journey of heartwarming stories that reveal the special connection between his grandfather and the oak tree. Through each page of the book, readers are reminded of the enduring power of family, love, and nature.

Moonlight Dunk Contest by Michael P. Hamburg is a story that shows the world of a group passionate animals who are not just basketballs fans, but are avid learners as well. Drawing inspiration from their favorite teams, the animals diligently hone their basketball skills. Every night, under the moonlight, they put on their skills to the test in a thrilling dunk contest! Can the animals truly master and display the moves that they’ve learned? Dive in to witness their basketball fun and adventure!


In Stella’s Brave Voice by Marissa Bader, we dive into the world of twin sisters with very different personalities. While Stella is introspective and quiet, Paige is outgoing and often speaks for the both of them. One day, a powerful surge of emotion builds up within Stella whenever Paige answers on her behalf. As she grapples with these newfound feelings, will their close bond withstand the strain? And if a rift forms, can it be healed? Read on into their journey to discover the strength and resilience of their sisterhood!


In the book Ernesto Joked by Hazel Pacheco, a joyful covey of birds enjoys their days with Ernesto, the group's resident comedian, always sharing jokes that send them into fits of laughter. Their joyful chirping came to a stop when a coyote enters their territory. It turns out, the coyote is in search of a new home after humans encroached on his previous home. Annoyed by Ernesto's playful banter, the coyote proposes a challenge: If Ernesto can make him laugh with one of his jokes, he'll continue his search elsewhere.

The book Bees Are Our Friends, written by Toni D'Alia and illustrated by Alice Lindstrom, tells the delightful tale of a happy, little bee and her extraordinary day-to-day experience. Within the confines of her beehive, this happy bee embarks on a remarkable journey. From visiting flowers to spreading pollen dust, she embraces her crucial role as a pollinator, helping the growth of plants and flowers. With this special power, the bee's impact becomes truly important and awesome. Curious to know more?

Hazel Pacheco's book, Gloria Smiled, tells a story of disappointment, resilience, and friendship. Gloria is thrilled for her birthday but soon learns that her friends have other plans. Wondering if her friends had forgotten what day it was, Gloria decided that she would surprise them with a party instead. While planning her party, she faced obstacles and even heard a warning blare to stay away from the area. Will Gloria ever push through with her party? Will she still enjoy her special day? Find out more in Gloria Smiled!