My Girly Unicorn
My Girly Unicorn
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A very different unicorn, with big hair and a purple horn, finds herself the target of ridicule and gossip from a unicorn world inside a rainbow. When that world becomes threatened, she must take on lightning, floods, and evil rain clouds to save its very existence.

This action-filled, adventure story teaches children that it is never right to make fun of the way other children look or act. The colorful artwork will keep them on the edge of their seat waiting for the next page. The story is aimed right at the heart and head of young children. Dedicated white margin with black text at the bottom of each page for easy reading.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

My Girly Unicorn is a story about a unique and special unicorn that seems to stand out among the others. Other unicorns would pick on her because she was different. They would often laugh at her for her quirks and for losing games that they would play. Of course, this would make the special unicorn feel bad. When trouble arose in their magical land, the other unicorns were so helpless that their only hope was for the special unicorn, whom they were poking fun of, to do something to save them. Will the special unicorn be able to save their magical land and everyone else?

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My Girly Unicorn is an adventure in the colorful sky on rainbows, under rain clouds, and running along with rowdy young unicorns. This story takes readers through the world of adolescent unicorns and their exciting games and antics. However, some unicorns do not treat a certain unicorn with kindness. When something dark interrupts their light-filled skies, a surprising character emerges as a resilient guide for hope and joy for the other children. Readers will ride along on a vibrant coaster of joy, determination, and confidence in My Girly Unicorn.

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