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Mello Jello Magoo is a book of mixed genres. First, it is a story about Zo and Ray, who adopt a stray cat they name Mello. Zo finds Mello in an alley one day while she is on a walk. Mello follows Zo as she begins to walk home, so Mello is welcomed into the home of Zo and Ray. They try everything to find the owner of Mello, eventually finding the owner who tells them they can keep him. What follows is the narrative of Mello’s life, with a smattering of commentary from Mello himself. After the telling of the life and love of Mello is finished, the book turns to an information and resources section about pet ownership and pet sharing.


The story about Mello is heartwarming and amusing, and the commentary from Mello is great. People always wonder what animals are thinking, so the commentary from Mello was cute and quite often humorous.


I had the honor of sharing my life with cats previously (because let’s be honest, cats allow you the privilege of their company, unlike dogs who think you hung the moon), and many things about Mello reminded me of my cats, bringing back good memories of my time with my fur babies. 


The information and resource section of the book has wonderful intent behind it, is compelling and needs to be conveyed. I feel the same way as the author, that all too often people obtain a pet only to abandon it unfairly. Dogs and cats are not the only types of animals this happens to, either. Chicks and bunnies for sale at Easter is another example of irresponsible pet ownership. Mere months after Easter, bunnies are abandoned to their own devices, released in the wild. They know next to nothing of survival in the wild. Chicks don’t normally fare much better, due to the lack of knowledge and equipment needed to provide a healthy environment for them.


Though the book doesn’t go into in-depth detail, pet sharing seems to be an idea for people who would like the companionship of an animal without the responsibility of pet ownership. Pet sitting, dog walking, and volunteering at shelters would be examples of pet sharing, in my opinion. 


The book would greatly benefit from intensive editing, however,  I am so glad I was able to get to know Mello, because he was a fantastic cat. All animals are important, wild or domestic, not just a trophy or fad to be tossed aside when they become inconvenient. A pet should never be an inconvenience, anymore than a child should be. Pets should be members of the family. 

I applaud the author for her attempt at writing, and her subject matter is important and needs to be brought to the attention of everyone.

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