Mello Jello Magoo
Mello Jello Magoo
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Magnificent short tale of a mystical pet! Take a romp with this young couple who adopt a stray and their journey of understanding their new household member. The ebook includes a reference section on pets. Creates awareness about the time and care animals need, plus pet ownership costs. Learn about 'Pet Sharing' concepts and making money in Pet Care. Your compassion for animals is priceless, can pet sharing be in your future?

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Mello Jello Magoo is a book of mixed genres. First, it is a story about Zo and Ray, who adopt a stray cat they name Mello. Zo finds Mello in an alley one day while she is on a walk. Mello follows Zo as she begins to walk home, so Mello is welcomed into the home of Zo and Ray. They try everything to find the owner of Mello, eventually finding the owner who tells them they can keep him. What follows is the narrative of Mello’s life, with a smattering of commentary from Mello himself.

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Mello Jello Magoo is an intriguing book by Kelley Mullins about a unique cat and her adventures in the hands of her new owners. Have you ever come across a stray animal and just decide to help it? Well, if so, you are like Zo, a young woman who found a stray unique cat in the dumpster. Seeing how it looked, she wondered why the owner could not be found. After a lot of searching, she decided to take the little pet home until the owner was found. Her partner Ray, who couldn’t agree at first due to the loss of his cat, became fond of this creature.

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