Don't Call Me Chip
Don't Call Me Chip
Don't Call Me Chip
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Timothy is a chipmunk who protects an elderly man and a host of woodland creatures from the wrath of a nasty family, who seem determined to drive out everyone Timothy cares about. He might seem like your average chipmunk who loves seeds, sunbathing and enjoying a quiet life in the suburbs. But after the new neighbors move in and wreak havoc, they will have to come face to face with his wit and resourcefulness. The last straw is that the new neighbors keep calling him CHIP. Convincing all manner of rodents and other small wildlife to work together, Timothy launches an assault against their invasive neighbors. Based on a true character, this book is a clean, fun read for eight-grade reading level and over.

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  • Adventure
  • Special

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  • 12 and up
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Don’t Call Me Chip is an upbeat story that's partially told from the perspective of a chipmunk. Surprisingly, contrary to the chipmunk stereotype, this chipmunk is witty and does not do cute. He also hates to be called "Chip." After escaping from his destroyed burrow under the deck of a house caught on fire, he searches for a new home among a neighborhood near the forest. After meeting his close ex-marine human companion, he is given a new home.

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This is an adventurous story that centers on the life of Timothy Patrick Horrigan, who is a chipmunk. Timothy, who is unnamed at this point, is chased out of his home in the dead of the night by a fire and finds shelter in the wood pile outside of house that is home to Vietnam veteran Mikey Horrigan. Mikey takes and comforts Timothy as well as gives him his name. Timothy grows fond of his new home and roommates who are mice.

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