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Light In The Abyss is a sci-fi novel written by Bennett R. Coles about the search for a treasure which is to be recovered from the hands of a famous alien thief. Lord Liam Blackwood, along with other crew members, are on a mission to retrieve a sacred object called the Suncatcher, which has been missing for over a thousand years. It was said that this object of beauty was in the hands of an alien, a Theropod, who is a well-known thief. Now, at His Majesty's order, they are to search for this alien called Shordar and regain possession of the Suncatcher before he sells it off. Their first meeting with Shordar's accomplices did not turn out well for them.  Due to Liam's protection towards Amelia, he retaliated when he thought she was being intimidated by a Theropod. This led to fairly a large amount of bloodshed. Now they are to embark on another journey that would bring them straight to Shordar. How do you think it would work out this time considering the fact that some able-bodied crew members were severely injured during the first meeting?


The book was very appealing at first sight. Its cover page was what made it attractive to me as a reader. The images and colors were used beautifully while still enhancing the book's genre. The plot is very creative since it directed our attention to the relationship between humans and aliens, the Theropods. It is also quite fast-paced with each page plunging us into the next action as we await what lies on the next page.

The book focuses on the sci-fi genre, but it is spiced up with romance.  The relationship between Liam and Amelia hovers around love, and this love kept Liam on the edge when it involves Amelia. He demonstrated overprotection and excessive care, which at one time sadly led to her being hospitalized with brutal scars.

Set in a world conducive for both humans and Theropods, most of the actions were carried out through sailing across seas in large ships. Even the pursuit of the Suncatcher was done on sea as they sailed on despite the opposing weather and attacks from their enemy. Their sole mission was getting the sacred object at His Majesty's order.

Having read all the pages of this engrossing novel, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to recommend to all young adult sci-fi readers and to adults who are interested in sci-fi with a bit of romance.

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