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Killer of Enemies
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The story of Killer of Enemies is placed in the future where people called the Ones are genetically engineered people doused with technology and enhancements that make them not nearly human. Technology gets taken down, and now the world is a technological apocalypse. The book is based around 1 main character, Lozen, who is hired by the Ones to kill the genetically mutated pets that the Ones owned that have now turned on their owners. Lozen is a character who manages to kill giant mutated monsters bent on killing anything in their path. Lozen takes safe haven in a heavily guarded prison, she wields a big .357 magnum and a giant knife that was passed down from her family. Lozen bases her hunting techniques around old Native American Apache rituals. Is she able to be the hero she’s meant to be?



My opinion on the book is that it is a very great book because it is very action packed, and it interests me a lot. The book is believable because people could be doing some genetic engineering on animals, and hey, you never know, maybe the genetically engineered animals will rule earth. One of the most credible characters was the main character, Lozen. The reason she is credible is because she uses native type rituals to calmly take down the monsters that rule the earth, and from what I learned is that the natives did special rituals before they went to hunt for food. I could not relate to anyone in the book because I don't think I can take one shot from a .357 magnum so accurately and kill a monster.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes the action and adventure genre of books. This book is very action packed. If you love action movies or books, then this book is golden for you. Even if you don't like action, just at least give the book a try, hey, one man once said, "Don't judge a book by its cover."



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