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Inside the Sun: the 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3 is the thrilling conclusion to a magical story of adventure and self-discovery. The characters are thrown into a world of danger and mystery when their home island, the 8th Island, is threatened with destruction. Our heroes, Ella and Tessa, must face their greatest challenge yet as they journey to the center of the sun to confront the powerful forces that stand against them. Along the way, they must unlock the secrets of the 8th Island, discover their true identities, and confront their own inner demons. In the end, it will take courage, strength, and friendship to overcome the darkness that threatens to consume the 8th Island. With the fate of the island in their hands, the characters must dig deep within themselves and find the courage to save the 8th Island and its people.


Inside the Sun: the 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3 is an exciting and captivating story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The story is full of suspense and excitement as the characters face danger and make difficult choices. The story is also full of interesting and complex characters, allowing readers to develop a close connection with them.


The writing style is captivating and vivid with a good balance between dialogue and description. The author brings their world to life with their vivid descriptions and imaginative settings. The author also does a great job of conveying the emotions of the characters and the tension of the situations.


The setting of the story is beautiful, and the descriptions of the scenery and the island make it feel alive. The characters are realistic and have believable reactions to the situations they are in. The themes of friendship, loyalty, and courage are explored in a meaningful way and the reader is left feeling inspired and encouraged.


Overall, Inside the Sun: the 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3 is an exciting and captivating read. It is full of action, adventure, and suspense, and the characters are interesting and complex. The writing style is vivid and imaginative, immersing readers in the world of the 8th Island Trilogy. I highly recommend this book to anyone 12+, and I rate this book 5/5 stars. Go give this a read!

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