Inside The Sun: The 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3, A Novel
Inside The Sun: The 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3, A Novel

All worlds are dying, and it’s up to one broken and dysfunctional family from Earth—the Wellsleys—to save the day.

Cancer-ridden Ella celebrates her 15th birthday beneath an enchanted mountain, but what lies even farther below—the mysterious Star in the sea—demands she grow up quickly. While Ella grapples with the sacrifice she must make and the lies she is forced to tell, her mother, Tessa, is hell-bent on protecting her.

Through bizarre encounters, lovesick Tessa realizes she is not the lonely orphan she believes. Her husband, Arden, and father-in-law, Archie, are not the only ones with magical bloodlines. This revelation changes everything.

As Archie chooses to embody his unexpected ancestry, he learns that leading the charge in the ultimate battle against evil won’t be as easy as he'd thought. He’ll need his family—and the strange allies he has gained—by his side to give Ella enough time to set things right.

Can they defeat the unstoppable Millia sands—and another unexpected foe—before everything they hold dear is destroyed? Or will their adventure tear them apart for good? The finale to The 8th Island Trilogy holds readers spellbound until the final page...and long after.

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  • Fantasy

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  • 12 and up
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Fifteen-year-old Ella has cancer and is living a fantastical existence despite her illness, but the world around her is suffering. Her mom, Tessa, frenzies over keeping her daughter safe. But in their dreams, an odd Star in the sea shows signs that Ella is the only one who is able to save the world. However, Ella’s life will end if she succeeds. While Ella is on the journey, her mother discovers that she and Ella are not human. If they are not human, then what are Ella and Tessa?

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Inside the Sun: the 8th Island Trilogy, Book 3 is the thrilling conclusion to a magical story of adventure and self-discovery. The characters are thrown into a world of danger and mystery when their home island, the 8th Island, is threatened with destruction. Our heroes, Ella and Tessa, must face their greatest challenge yet as they journey to the center of the sun to confront the powerful forces that stand against them.

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