Book Reviews by powerlax

Restart is a story about a boy whose life has just changed dramatically. His name is Ulysses. Ulysses was just another guy, enjoying the last day of the school year when suddenly the event happens. Everyone he knows is dead, turned into mindless zombies by a computer virus. While on the run from these zombies, he meets Maxine and Xavier who he travels with, avoiding the zombies at all cost. But what happens when the zombies finally captures him? What do they do? And who started all of this? Read to find out!

A Million Views features a kid named Brewster Gaines. He loves posting his videos on YouTube and watching his views go up and up and up, always trying to reach for that seven digit number: one million views. However, his videos have always been a little underfunded or more accurately, unfunded. He has never quite gotten there. However, when one of his actor's friends is ready to pour $5,000 into a five minute trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist, Brewster takes up the challenge.

Birdwatcher starts when eight-year-old Abigail Wincoff and her parents go to the Poconos region for a short vacation. However, their dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare. One day into their vacation when Abby’s mother is asleep and her father is away at town, Abigail decides to do her favorite hobby, birdwatching. As she goes deeper and deeper into the forest, she quickly gets lost and wanders around. Little does she know she is being followed by a serial killer.

The Garden Bone is a book about a young teenager named Wenceslao, or Wences. Ever since Wences' parents died in a helicopter crash, Wences renounced being “The Dinosaur Kid” he once was. He gave all of his dinosaur toys to his little brother hoping to forget his past. However, when he goes into his garden, he finds a mysterious object. Further inspection reveals to him that it is a bone, a dinosaur tooth in fact!

Odinsall: The Stolen Children is a book about a young teenage boy named Val. During a field trip to the once Viking inhabited town of York, he is mysteriously teleported to a castle. There, he learns from Odin, the main god in Norse Mythology, that his parents, his friends, and almost everyone he knows is dead because of ragnarok, or doomsday. Now, only Val and a group of other teenagers are the last humans left. They learn they were saved because they are closely related to the gods.