Book Reviews by powerlax

Odinsall: The Stolen Children is a book about a young teenage boy named Val. During a field trip to the once Viking inhabited town of York, he is mysteriously teleported to a castle. There, he learns from Odin, the main god in Norse Mythology, that his parents, his friends, and almost everyone he knows is dead because of ragnarok, or doomsday. Now, only Val and a group of other teenagers are the last humans left. They learn they were saved because they are closely related to the gods.

The Magicians of Ysavar is a story about a boy by the name of Johan. His goal is to become a Guardian of his city, a police officer of sorts. However, he fails the test to get in. Then, not far from the night he got rejected, a mysterious, short man arrives, telling him that he has been chosen to be recruited into the Order of Ysavar, a group of magicians that fight evil. He realizes that the world is on the brink of destruction, and goblins are ready to destroy humanity. If he succeeds and defeats the goblins, he will save millions, just as he always has dreamed about.

Tipani Walker and the Nightmare Knot is a book about a 12 year old girl named Tipani Walker. Tipani Walker is quite an unusual girl. Her father unexpectedly and suddenly went into a coma when she was 10 years old. Ever since then, she started to have nightmares, and she fears that they might be real. Then one terrifying night, her nightmare takes her mom. With the help of Piper, a fairy, she learns that she is a weaver, and that she must stop her nightmare.

Forbidden Spell is a book about a boy who tries to recreate a spell he saw, and it goes all wrong. Milos, the boy, is the son of a ruler of a city. In this city, his father has banned all magic because it upsets the balance of the city. However, when Caleb, a boy from another city, shows him a bit of magic, he gets excited and tries to recreate it when Caleb is not there. However, things go horribly wrong. Can Milos fix it? Or will he destroy his city?

     Fractured: When Shadows Arise is an interesting book about an alchemist trying to find and harness an infinite energy source to make himself rich. He finds out that there is another realm with an abundance of energy. Seeing this, the alchemist has started to open portals to the realm to suck out its energy. The people of this realm are now worried that they might die.

City of Devils is a mystery and fantasy book set in a world where monsters roam freely among humans. In this book, a human detective is tasked with finding a mummy by the mummy’s wife. He must find out where this mummy is and if he is even alive. He must gather evidence, study clues, and sneak around if he is to solve his hardest case yet. The detective’s search takes him around Los Angeles as he uncovers mysteries, secrets, and crimes in the City of Devils.