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This book is about a princess named Grace and her prince, Dignity. Both the princess and the prince have special gifts. Princess Grace has the gift to read minds and speak in many different languages. Prince Dignity has the gift to shoot any target with his bow and arrow. Grace and Dignity are planning to get married. As soon as Princess Grace puts her dress on, the Royal Sage comes rushing into her room. She looks at him and knows what he is going to say before he speaks a word. Prince Dignity is dead. But he wasn’t dead. He was murdered. Prince Denial comes to rule in Prince Dignity’s place. The princess then disappears and the whole kingdom starts to fall apart. Everyone is gloomy and everything nice becomes awful. A little while later, a friend finds Princess Grace in a small boat in the sea with a note in her pocket. But Princess Grace doesn’t have any memory. Will she get her memory back and remember what exactly happened to her prince? Or is Prince Dignity lost forever?


I love this book! The characters were interesting; Princess Grace is my favorite. The characters were humorous, but they stayed in the character block of what characters are supposed to be. They were sad and gloomy when they needed to be, but they cheered up about everything that was good…except Prince Denial. The adventure was so perfectly amazing to read. I read the whole book like ten times. I really enjoyed the ending. When I finished the book, the ending made the entire book worth reading again. I think every story should have a strong ending for the reader to look forward to like this one. I recommend this book for everyone 12+. 

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This book is great for everybody to read!




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