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Firebolt (Dragonian)
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Adventure
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Elena Watkins has always been running. Away from what? Even she doesn't know. Her dad just forces them move every 3 months until one chaotic day when he is killed. Not to mention the murderer was actually a dragon... Elena is thrown into a world of dragons and magic where she has to fit into a school for dragonians. Since she is failing her classes she has to now also survive an extremely jealous warrior princess as her enchantments tutor and an hot arrogant evil jerk dragon as her Latin tutor. Fun, Right? As she is finally getting into the swing of things, the most powerful sword in all of history gets stolen and she and her new found friends have to go on a suicidal quest to find it. Join Elena as she struggles to make it through something way worse than regular high school: Dragonian high school.


I honestly could not have loved this book more. It was like a breath of fresh air after being crushed by dystopian novel after dystopian novel. My favorite character has to be Blake Leaf! I mean he might have attitude problems and his priorities aren't really in the right place, however I think that just makes him more realistic. I don't know if I’m the only one, but: GO TEAM BLAKE! I don't even know if thats a thing....Anyways, I find Elena really relatable and I think most people will too. She was the shy quiet girl who had her world turned upside down. I really want to hug the author right now and thank her for coming up with this brilliant novel, and am sad I cannot. I’m also impatient because there is absolutely no news on the next book and I don't even know if I can wait a week for it....

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There was no explicit content in this book. There was some romance but that's it.

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