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Diego the Smelly Dog is a story about an accidental friendship of a little girl named Ava and a smelly dog named Diego. Although Ava wanted to keep Diego, her gramps explained that there are so many things to consider such as additional costs that they cannot afford because Ava’s mom is trying to save money. They then decided to bring Diego to the shelter. Despite this and many other problems, Ava still wanted to bring Diego home. Would the Ava and Diego ever be reunited again? Read on to find out!



The story of Diego the Smelly Dog by A.G. Russo is very relatable. Readers (ages 5-8) who are to read this book will most likely want a pet or a dog at their ages. This book would show the lessons and responsibilities of having a pet, in this case, a dog. Letting readers realize this through the story gives them a way of understanding that it is not all fun and games. There are a lot of things to consider and to think about before owning a dog. The story depicted this lesson very well and in a very realistic way. The setting of the story supplements this very well. From walking outside the house, to going to the animal shelter, all these give you a sense of “hey we also have this in our town/community!”

The characters such as Ava, Gramps, and Diego are also very relatable. Ava represents the readers, Gramps represents a guardian, and of course, Diego represents pets who want to be loved and adopted. To add to this, the illustrations done by Alona Baulina are very unique and interesting. The illustrations catch the attention of the reader and keep them engaged as the vivid colors and art style are very pleasing to the eyes. It is also interesting to note that the use of perspective in the illustrations is very delightful and amusing.

Overall, Diego the Smelly Dog is a very good book that is relatable and timely. It is a great book to teach children the responsibilities and other things to take into consideration when having a pet. The book shows the equal (probably even more) fulfillment of adopting and helping a dog from a shelter compared to buying one from a breeder. It is a story that is simple, wholesome, and lesson-filled. It would be a great book for both parent-child and for a classroom setup.

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