Diego the Smelly Dog
Diego the Smelly Dog

Ava is a feisty little girl who loves dogs and likes bandaids. One day a large old dog follows Ava and Gramps home. Ava's mom won't let her have a pet so she can't keep him. But she does name him Diego. He is smelly. They take him to the rescue shelter the next day but Ava and Gramps visit him there every week. Who will give Diego a home? A heartwarming adoption story of unconditional love.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Diego the Smelly Dog is a story about an accidental friendship of a little girl named Ava and a smelly dog named Diego. Although Ava wanted to keep Diego, her gramps explained that there are so many things to consider such as additional costs that they cannot afford because Ava’s mom is trying to save money. They then decided to bring Diego to the shelter. Despite this and many other problems, Ava still wanted to bring Diego home. Would the Ava and Diego ever be reunited again? Read on to find out!


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