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Age Range - 5 - 8
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Chuck has always been the fastest cheetah around, and he never loses races. He loves to go around happily chanting, "All I do is WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN, WIN!" His friends tell him that everyone will still love and respect him if he loses a race or two, but Chuck doesn't care. After all, he is the fastest cheetah, so he won't ever lose a race... right? One day Chuck is participating in a daily race when the unthinkable happens. Chuck steps on a thorn and loses his stride, allowing one of the other cheetahs to run past him and win the race! Chuck can't believe it and tells all the cheetahs that he only lost since he stepped on a thorn and that otherwise, no one could ever beat him. This has the opposite effect of what Chuck wants to happen and causes all the cheetahs to think he is a sore loser. Will Chuck be able to realize that he can still be a winner even if he loses a few races? And will he be able to win his friends back over?


I really liked reading this book. First of all, I think the author did a great job of describing the setting by using imagery and describing things that are common in the world such as the daily races. I was really able to understand the personalities of Chuck and the other cheetahs within the first few pages, and this helped me understand how the events happening in the book would affect certain characters. For example, through the first few pages, I could tell that Chuck at the start had a very arrogant personality, and this made him view everything as a serious competition. Secondly, I really liked the illustrations in this book. There were a lot of colorful drawings, and they helped me to visualize what was happening in each scene. I also really liked the messages the author was able to convey through this story such as how Chuck learned that you don't need to be the best at everything because you are perfect the way you are! Another message I liked in this book was about learning to forgive others when they realize their mistakes! Overall, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun read for any elementary school reader!

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