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The Brewster Boys and the Red Revenge (Volume 2)
by Stephen Dittmer
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Historical Fiction

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There are three main characters in this book: Jon, Pete, and Abby.  You are seeing the story through Jon’s eyes as he narrates the events happening.  Jon, Pete, and Abby are teenagers who have previously obtained use of a time travel machine, a freeze ray, and many other gadgets.  When they traveled back to the 40’s in the first book, they accidentally altered the course of American history.  Their mission is to get time back on track.  There are also many other important characters in the book such as Chuck, Vasily, Valentina, Olaf, and Yuri.  Chuck and Vasily help the kids with their mission, while Valentina, Olaf and Yuri are the enemies.

When the kids travel back to the present, returning from the attack on Pearl Harbor, they notice small changes.  One example is their friend Bobby talking about trips to Hawaii, which never happened to their knowledge.  Next they discover that half of the country has been overtaken by Russia.  Feeling accountable, Jon, Pete, and Abby travel back to the past to stop this event from ever happening, but will they be successful?  This exciting book is a definite page turner once into it!


This is a great book for WWII history buffs like me.  The story is very exciting and is intense at times.  It was a little difficult to get into, but once I forced my way through the first four chapters, I couldn’t put it down.  This is the second book in the series.

In my opinion, this is an interesting book.  I would recommend starting by reading the first book.  I had a difficult time understanding the characters’ personalities and knowing them at first.  Though some adult language is used, I would recommend this book for ages 12-16.  I can’t wait to read the third book and find out what happens next.

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Content rating - some mature content

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There is the use of some adult language and mild violence.




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