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by Karen Ann Hopkins
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Book Review for Belonging

     The book that I am reviewing is Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins. The maturity level of this book is VERY high. The book contains a lot of graphic scenes about sex. If you are in 7th grade or below think about reading this book very thoroughly. I thought it was a very good book.

     The setting of the story is in an Amish community in Ohio. Belonging is about how an English girl named Rose starts dating an Amish boy named Noah. Rose and Noah cannot date unless Rose joins the Amish community. She decides to join because she cannot imagine living without Noah.

     I loved a lot of the elements in Belonging. One was the suspense of the story. It kept me hanging on edge. Another element is the real life setting of the story. The love story is very good and suspenseful. Coming into reading this book I did not know much about Amish. In Belonging the author described the Amish life very well. The last thing I liked was how the story was told form different characters points of view. I did not like all the sex scenes. It was very graphic. I also did not like the foul language.

     I loved Belonging so much. Before you read this book think about the maturity level. It is a good book to read when you are older. I loved this book so much I would read it again and it was one of the best books I have ever read.


I thought Beolnging was a very good book. I loved a bunch of the elements in the book. I have read a lot of book and Belonging was one of the best. The thing that I loved the most was the real life element of the story. The thing that I hated the most was all the talking about sex. Overall it was an amazing book.

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In Belonging there was a lot of talk about sex. There was about 2 pages that talked about sex. It bothered me but I kept rreading because it was a good book.




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