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Arrows Over Agincourt
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Historical Fiction

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Two adventurous young men, motivated by the spoils of war and affection for their sweethearts back home, sign up with the English army as archers. The King seeks to "reclaim" lands that he believes are rightfully his and invades France. After initial success, the army hits many pitfalls, and it soon becomes clear that all roads- both story-wise and historical- lead to one fateful place: the fields of Agincourt. 

Set in medieval England and France, Arrows over Agincourt is a medieval tale full of chivalry, action, adventure, and suspense. Regal kings, deadeye archers, chivalrous knights and humble peasants abound.


This novel is a rollicking adventure tale that exceeded my expectations. Although the first chapter is a little slow, the action picks up after that, with battle scenes that ring with the sound of swords and battleaxes clashing and the twang of the archers' bowstrings. This book is very steeped in history, and the author's hard research shows in the historical accuracy. 

The author clearly shows his ear for accents, from the fast, thickly-accented street jargon of commoners to the formal, stately form of high-born Englishmen. Outstanding descriptions of places and people give this story a wonderfully deep, complex aspect, with a whole group of colorful "heroes" to meet an equally colorful group of "villains." 

While the first-person point-of-view does give the novel a personal touch, it isn't my preferred method when it comes to historical fiction, since it doesn't always give the reader the full view. Of course, this is just my opinion, but it may be the only thing that detracts from the book. It also shows only the English view of things, which, naturally, villainizes the French and their allies and glorifies the English and their allies. I forgive this freely, as history told from one side or the other is, in my opinion, a necessary evil in good story telling.

Overall, I give this a 4-star rating. This novel is a wonderful read if you are into history, specifically medieval history, and I am interested to read Mr. Lawrence-Young's works in the future.

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